French Kiss Divers offers training for every level, from beginner, with the Try Scuba program (introduction dive), open water, advanced and specialties. We also do professional training : divemaster and instructor.

TRY SCUBA DIVING (introduction dive)

Try Scuba Diving is a real introduction to the underwater world. This program will not just allow you to breath underwater, but also to move in a 3D environment, feeling weightless and being able to get closer to the underwater life. We start with few skills in the pool before taking to your first diver in the sea to explore multicolour fish and corals, that will make this experience unforgettable. You only need to be 8 years old to give it a try.

Price = 4,500 PHP (2 dives)
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The Open Water course is the most popular diving course in the world, and is the condition to start your adventure as an independent diver. The training is composed with theory and confined space sessions, + 4 dives in the sea, to put everything in application and become an open water divers able to go as deep as 18m (60ft) and to explore all the treasure the ocean is hiding!

Price = 18,500 PHP
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This program will introduce you to different diving specialities, helping you to find out what you prefer in diving and what you want to improve or learn more. Learn how to go down to 30m (90ft), improve your navigation and buoyancy skills, night dive are only few of the options that you’ll be able to choose for this course.

Price = 14,500 PHP
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This program will train you to get the skills and knowledge to answer to and deal with any emergency situation connected to diving. You learn how to recognize and prevent stress. Avoid accident, put emergency plan together, help panic divers, but also handle more critical problem.

Price = 25,000 PHP
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You are Open water or Junior Open water? Then you have the unique prerequisite to discover a multitude of specialties that offers scuba diving. Diving on Wrecks, experiment Nitrox (mix of gaz with higher percentage of O2 than air) and dive longer, train to go as deep as 40 meters (130 ft), observe different animal species and look at coral feeding by night diving, enjoy drift diving and go with the flow… So much is in front of you, so keep on getting more knowledge as you build up experience and enrol in one the many SSI specialty course.

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