You want to change life and quit your job ? You want to travel around the world? Stay in the sun all year long ? If diving is your passion, and you want to work from it, dont hesitate one more minute and come to pass your divemaster with us! The Divemaster is the first dive professional level, you’re then able to look after certified divers, and to work as a dive guide

Prerequisites :

  • Be 18 Y/O
  • Have an RSTC Medical Certificate
  • Be Open Water certified (or equivalent)
  • Be Advanced Adventurer Certified (or equivalent)
  • Be React Right (1st aid, CPR and O2) + Stress and Rescue Certified (or equivalent)
  • 40 dives experience
  • Own or buy a full set of professional diver equipment ( rental option )
  • Have at least 2 months free in front of you.


The divemaster theory training is divided in 2 parts. First the Dive Guide, that explains  the proper behavior for a dive professional and also the SSI terminology, history and philosophy. You’ll learn how to plan specific dives, dive trips with groups and any other activity related to diving. Beside the practice training about supervision, duties on boat, in the dive shop and the safety, you will work on your dive briefings and on the skills to welcome and apprehend customers correctly.

The dive guide theory training is usually done in 2 sessions of 2h , and several mini workshops. It will be finalized by 50 questions multiple choice exam.

Beside the dive guide, we will study the Science of Diving, which is separated in 5 different parts :

  • Physic
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Theory
  • Equipement
  • Environment

Each part will be review and explained by your instructor during a 2 hours classroom session. The Science of Diving specialty will be validated by a 100 questions multiple choice exam.


To become Divemaster you’ll have to perform some skills at professional level :

    • Swimming Staminas :
      • 700 meters swimming with fins, mask and snorkel in less than 20 minutes or 300 meters swimming without aid.
      • 25 meters horizontal freediving with fins, mask and snorkel.
      • 15 min Water Treading without aid
      • 100 meters unconscious full geared diver towing in less than 8 minutes
    • Stress and rescue practice helping unconscious divers under water and at the surface, gear them off, pull them out of the water, give RCP and O2.
    • Equipement exchange with a buddy diver.
    • Skill-circuits (learn how to demonstrate perfectly all the skills of the open water course
    • Become a master of  natural and computer/compass navigation.
    • SMB, learn how to deploy a SMB and to use it in emergency situation
    • Emergency Plan, learn how to establish an emergency plan for any dive site.
    • Briefing, present different briefings for specific dives (weather, diver level, topography…)
    • Cartography, learn how to make an easy map of a dive site.


To assist the Instructors and Divemasters of our team will certainly be the most important and interesting part of your training. During your 2 months internship, you will assist our instructors during all the courses they can teach: Baptisms, Open Water, Advnaced Adventurer, React Right, but also all the specialty courses for which you are already certified. During these assistantships you will have the opportunity to refresh your skills, but also to bring them to the next level. You will also learn how to handle the problems of other divers, give them advice and always always make sure they progress and understand your explanations. This will also be the perfect opportunity to see if you are made to teach diving.

You will also assist our team of Divemasters. You will be able to improve your navigation, the quality of your briefings and your group control in general, until you are competent enough to accompany your first certified divers on your own, such as a professional Divemaster.