Become a diving profesional and change your life !

Train as a professional diver with French Kiss Divers Coron !

Becoming a dive professional is the dream of many, and may not be as difficult to reach as you would think. If you’re still hesitating, you should know that SSI offers professional trainings that will provide you all the tools to find a job quickly in a super prospering Industry. French Kiss Divers has been training already tons of Divemasters and Instructors around Asia, with its network between Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

If you are open minded, love the people, the water, and you’re ready to travel around the world to share the beauty of the underwater world with the rest of the humanity, then this job is for you!!

Just contact us by email if you have any clue about how to make your dream become true!! We’ll give you a detailed quote and help you to organize your journey!!


Make your SSI divemaster in the Philippines in Coron !

The divemaster is the first diving professional level. 

Training : minimum 2 month

Price: on demand



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Become a diving instructor in the Philippines in Coron !

The SSI instructor SSI : learn how to leave from your passion ! French kiss divers Coron run regularly new instructors



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Cross over SSI

You are a PADI or other diving organisation instructor and want join the SSI team? You can do your SSI crossover with us !


Training : minimum 3 days

Price : on demand

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