Reefs, submerged cave and fresh water lake, experienced superb dives in Coron!

Coron is well known as the wrecks dive capital but there is so many dives spot to explore. French Kiss Divers offers several dives spot to explore beautiful reef. Wether you are a beginner or experienced diver, you can join our crew to visit unique and rare dives.

Siete pecado (or  “7 islands”)

Siete Pecados area is composed by 7 tiny limestone island. It’s a protected marine park where nobody is allowed to catch fish or cast anchor. Here you can explore stunning and colourful reef and hard/soft corals.

About this wealth marine life you will be able to see different species of fish like: juvenile fish, clown fish, batfish, group of snappers or jack fish, grouper, barracudas and sweetlips.

Alcatraz rock : beautiful corals

Nearby Site Pecados, Alcatraz rock is a perfect dive for beginner level or advanced divers who need a refresh and get to their habit.

Composed of variated corals, clown fish, batfish, snappers and juvenile fish can be found. If you are lucky you might see rare species living overhear like turtles, cuttlefish, stingray or nudibranchs.



Twin peaks : great visibility

This site offer a great visibility and a wealthy marine life! Clown fish, snapper, parrot fish, and damselfish will be on the site. We often see turtles in Twin Peak!

Barracuda lake : dive in a 38°C lake in Coron

Try the unique experience of diving in Barracuda Lake in Coron. This lake has the particularity of being a mix between fresh and salty water. You will experience the thermocline,  basically is a steep temperature gradient in the  water  marked by a layer above and below which the water is at different temperatures. The temperature will rise from 28°C  on surface to 38°C on the bottom of the lake!  This physical phenomenon appears between 13 to 15m depth and form a layer of halocline. You will feel like you explore another world..

Cathedral cave : dive in a submerged cave in Coron

The cathedral cave is a huge grotto located in the South of Coron Island. The is access to get into is stunning, you have to dive through a small tunnel and dive up to 12 m deep. Then you access inside the huge cathedral submerged. Finally you will stroll inside the cathedral regaling yourself with the natural set of lights and the beautiful corals.



CYC Reef : perfect to start diving !

This dive spot is perfect to begin diving! There is a a sandy area where you can practice all the basics exercice. You will enjoy a beautiful reef of corals without any current. This dive goes to 18 m deep and you enjoy colourful marine life!